X Dimensions: Painting in High Relief







Steve Hampton: The Last Days of Empire 


Sense and Counter-Sensibilities: Art and Object Relations after Abject Oriented Ontology


Olivia Phare: Hold Me


Politics as Unusual: Art at the Edge of Conspiracy




Diana Calderon: We The People


Craig Randich: Derivative 


Bodies of Experience


Heidi Hogden: In Trouble


The Post-Summer Show


The Wandering Show: Edition 16


A Matter of Public Record: Art in the Age of Mass Surveillance


Road Trip(pin): Psychogeographic Journeys in Art 


Expulsion: Painting as Proxy Act and Action






The Fate of Landscape Painting


Abstract Miniatures & Abstraction in the Singular 


#Nasty, Noisey, Naked, Knitting Women


This Machine Kills, ____________


Parables of the Virtual


Geometry in the Expanded Field: Eight Propotions


MAS X (Mutual Appreciation Society)


Landscape at Escape Velocity


In Advance of Identity






Kim Sweet: Presence and Absence 


Justin Rodier: Parataxis


Chloe Torri: Sugar Coated Social Security


Rigo Flores: #Yamcanse


Lisa Von Hoffner: Afterglow


Rossitza Todorova: Transluminal


Erika Lynn Hanson: wave


Peter Bugg: Once Removed






Kendra Sollars: Dark Days and Bright Skies, Isolation and Quarantine


Chris Vena: 45 Under 48


Janet Diaz: Field Riders


Mikey Foster Estes: Private Rainbows


Jonathan Marquis: Earth Eaters


Bruce Yonemoto and Karen Finley: Far East of Eden


Hollis Cooper: World Without End


RJ Ward: Apocalpyse-A-Go-Go


Sean Deckert: Reflective Properties


Malena Barnhart: Video Works 2012-2015






Miguel Angel Godoy: Flesh Tones and the Flag


Emily Ritter: Habitual Consumption


Lily Reeves: Full Light


Shiva Alibadi: Abshar / Cascade 


Molly Koehn: Eventually, Everything Will Collapse


Cydnei Mallory: Accumulation






Virginia BroersmaDithyrambic


Becca Shemake: Assembler Clouds


Tessie Whitmore: Space Face


Bessie Kunath: Free Normcore 


Davin Kyle Knight and Michelle Jane Lee: Proximate Mediations 


Public Offerings: 20/20


Les Enfant Terribles


The Status of Portraiture


Painting on Edge II




Mind the Gap: London-Los Angeles Dialogues


Liz Nurenberg: Affect


Gabie Strong: The Exegesis of Entropy


Steve Hampton and Raymie Iadevaia: Saccharine Salad


Cole M. James and Michelle Carla Handel: I Do Not Deny Them My Essence


Eric Schott and Jayson Ward: Tesselated Flow


David French and Melanie Moore: The Unbearable Lightness of Form


Max Presneill and Scott Marvel Cassidy: You Sunk My Battleship


Jorin Bossen and Jason Ramos: We're All Sensitive People


David Michael Lee and Michael Kindred Knight: Qoutient Space


Nick Aguayo and Marcus Perez: You Do This To Me and I do This to You


Painting on Edge (I)


Speculative Materialism: Abstract Art and Its Conditions. D-Block Projects


Durden and Ray: Year Two


Portrait of Antartica


Pacific Non-Standard Time, Part I: FAR 1977-Present


Pacific Non-Standard Time, Part II: Traumatic Materiality: Painting (In)Elegance


Pacific Non-Standard Time, Part III: Quinton McCurine: Manipulated Mediation


Katie Herzog: Literaturewurst


Hollis Cooper: Invirtuality


Sean Brackin: It's Happening Right Now


Richard Galling and Christopher Kuhn: Arranged


Elana Melissa Hill and Simon Hughes: Hypersurregionalism


Erasing Traces: Nina T. Becker and April Friges


Alison Rash and Chris Trueman: The Suspended Literal


Ashley Landrum and Nano Rubio: The Levity of Translation


Nano Rubio: Endure Supermax


Christy Roberts: Blanket Solidarity


Durden + Ray: Year One


Action (un)Packed: Abstraction After Action


Steve Walters: Absent Work


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