Join us Saturday, May 17th from 4-7pm, for the opening of Les Enfant Terribles at Autonomie. 

The 'infant terrible' was a dispositif of high modernism that was embodied by the 'cult of genius' and the defense of artistic autonomy. In the age of saturated subjectivity and networked economies the perpetual need for self reinvention hasn't vanished, but rather, it has become a new cultural norm. This small survey of 10 artists looks at how living in an attention-based economy lets us see the problematic of the infant terrible with new eyes - as our shared cultural condition. In a milieu of real-time connectivity, the 21st century definition of artistic 'acting-out' may come to include a deep commitment to community building, participating in the richness of family life and the intimacy of close friendships - especially if we are to resist mass infantilization. The kids of strong emerging and established voices in the art community are included in this exhibition as a celebration of the creativity of life expressing itself --- unfettered! 

Artists in the show: Courtney Arwin, Josh Dildine, Hilary Dildine, Kent Familton, Katie Herzog, Ashley Landrum, David Michael Lee, Alison Rash, Nano Rubio and Chris Trueman.


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