Curated by Mindy Brocka


Autonomie is proud to be hosting Manipulated Media/tion: Quinton McCurine this coming Saturday the 17th of March from 7-10:00 pm as the second part of Pacific Non-Standard Time. Please join us for this Foundation for Art Resources event.

Frustrated by the limitations of painting, McCurine recently abandoned the canvas, and began creating sculptural objects out of oil paint, thus making oil both the object and subject of his work. By challenging the two-dimensional nature of the medium, his work questions its traditional use to create representational imagery and exploits its lesser appreciated qualities: its structure, weight, skin and adhesive properties.

By displaying his objects on plinths, McCurine also plays with the language and conventions of sculpture. Elevating his objects onto plinths suggests their monumentality and preciousness, while simultaneously providing a more intimate viewing experience. Situating the objects within the space of the gallery not only allows them to be properly viewed in the round, but also necessitates the audience’s engagement and challenges their relationship to the medium, object and method of display.

McCurine’s sculptures take a variety of forms, from chaotic abstract mounds of paint to recognizable kitsch objects like a hamburger, a fish or a slice of cake. The surfaces of the objects contain traces of gestures which hint at the process of their creation. Regardless of their external skin, the excessive quantities of oil paint in the hidden heterogeneous interiors remain wet and malleable, thereby maintaining their ability to become something else. Due to the entropic nature of the medium, the objects are never completed and instead are trapped in a continual state of becoming and decay.

Bio: Quinton McCurine earned his BFA from Notre Dame de Namur University in 2008, where he received the Vincent Van Gogh Award. He continued his studies at Art Center College of Design, where he earned his MFA in 2011. Recently, his work has been shown at UCLA in the group show Circulation, Exchange: Nugget and Gravy. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


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