In celebration of our third year as a gallery Autonomie is hosting Public Offerings: 20/20, a chance to get a piece of art by a notable emerging or established artist for $40. All works are $40, $20 goes to the artist and $20 goes to the gallery. 

All exchanges are Cash Only! 

Come out and support our non-profit with a big summer group show. We've been here since June 2011 supporting the arts and we'd love to get the biggest show of small works for sale in L.A. underway. Come join in this exhibition extravaganza. We want to have something for everyone. 

Artists in the Show: Nick Aguayo, Courtney Arwin, Tania Jazz Alvarez, Virginia Broersma, Josh Cho, Hollis Cooper, Sydney Croskery, Ariel Erestingcol, Kent Familton, Roni Feldman, Andrew Foster, Rema Ghuloum, Aaron Giesel, Kio Griffith, Steven Hampton, Elana Melissa Hill, Josh Holzmann, Cole M. James, Brian Thomas Jones, Christopher Kuhn, Raymie Iadevaia, Casey Kauffmann, Ashley Landrum, David Leapman, Michelle Jane Lee, Claudia Morales McCain, Melanie Moore, Annie Neiman, Michael Neuman, Liz Nurenburg, Zhone Ping, Max Presneill, Alison Rash, Christy Roberts, Nano Rubio, Theresa Rubio, Eric Schott, Emily Silver, Erica Ryan Stallones, Gabie Strong, Julia Schwartz, Vistoria Tao, Devon Tsuno, Jayson Ward, and Tessie Whitmore.


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