MAS Attack 10

The 10th iteration of MAS Attack, which is an event that brings Southern California artists and curators together with artists from the greater Southwest region, will be held at Fine Art Complex 1101, on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Come by to see a wide selection of contemporary painting and video works and meet the artists who have been selected ARTRA Curatorial.

Artists in the show: Max Presneill, Kio Griffith, Brian Thomas Jones, Tom Dunn, David Spanbock, Dani Dodge, Sijia Chen, Nano Rubio, David Leapman, Kireilyn Barber, Gegam Kacherian, Matt Driggs, Audra Graziano, Bill Dambrova, Rachel Goodwin, Emmett Potter, Angie Zielinski, Cam DeCaussin, Lisa von Hoffner, Travis Rice, Tyler Griese, James Angel, Abbey Messmer, Jonathan Marquis, R.J. Ward, Joe Holdren.

ARTRA Curatorial consists of Marx Presneill (Curatorial Director), Kio Griffith (Development Director) and Colton Stenke (Operations Director). ARTRA has hosted international exchange shows, organized alternative art fairs, and put an impressive catalog of projects together alongside the efforts of the directors who maintain full time curatorial practices in the greater Los Angeles area. Max Presneill was just spotlighted as one of the top 8 curators in Los Angeles to watch. Kio Griffith continues to organize shows with artists on both sides of the Pacific, and has been a voice for the arts in So Cal for well over a decade. We are thrilled to have them both join us for an evening exhibition and afterparty here in Tempe, along with the group of artist they have selected for participation in the show.


Max Presneill

Max Presneill is an artist and curator. He has exhibited throughout the world including New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Istanbul, Sydney, Guangzhou and Tokyo and is represented by the Garboushian Gallery, Beverly Hills, Gallery Lara in Tokyo, TW Fine Art in Brisbane, Australia as well as the Durden & Ray collective in Los Angeles. His work has been included in the Istanbul Biennial and the Yokohama Triennial as well as international museums. His paintings deal with memory, identity, existential states and the possibility of political action through painting. 

Currently he is the Director/Head Curator for the Torrance Art Museum ( as well as Curatorial Director of ARTRA Curatorial (, an independent curatorial projects management team which organize international exhibition exchanges as well as the MAS ATTACK series of pop-up exhibitions. He has extensive experience internationally as a curator having organized exhibitions for museums, institutes and galleries in the US and UK, the Netherlands, Japan, France, Mexico, China, Turkey, Australia, and more. He is also a contributing writer to the emerging artists section of FABRIK magazine. His curatorial interests are with artist led projects, emerging art, new models for curatorial methodologies and an international scope for partnerships and exchanges.

Kio Griffith

Kio Griffith is a Los Angeles and Japan based visual and sound artist, independent curator, writer, and producer. His work includes drawing, painting, sound, video, performance, electronics, language, sculpture and installation. He has exhibited in UK, Japan, Germany, Croatia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Belgium and the U.S. He has performed, collaborated or curated various musicians and contemporary artists, dancers and designers in galleries, museums, clubs and unconventional spaces. His current projects include project director at TYPE (Tokyo Yokohama Projects Exchange), curator and development director at ARTRA, associate editor at Fabrik and Artillery magazines, art director at Angel City Jazz Festival and has designed over 300 album jackets.

Hi work involves research into the specific sonic and visual revolutions of history, myths, geographic locations, documentation and time. Through sound sculptures, installations, audio and visual recordings, crowd sourcing, and live performances, new narrative representations search for clues in which truisms are deconstructed, rearranged and orchestrated into an immersive social experience. The characteristics of sound, its layering of frequencies, the authoring of scores, the poignancy of its temporal realm, and continuity are evoked through patterns and loops, while objective physicality mirrors the pleasure of noise, atonality and harmony. 



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