Mind the Gap: London-Los Angeles Dialogues, is a survey of contemporary art from the UK and British artists working in L.A. As Part of ARTRA's LOLA (London-Los Angeles) exchange, this survey show is happening in conjunction with twelve other international exhibits. Mind the Gap is focused on exploring where British art has gone since the YBA (Young British Artist) phenomenon, a period that mirrored the boom days of the eighties art market here in the U.S. Both 'moments' were supported by the wild excesses of the financial markets, both saw a return of the figure, both embraced lush pallets, and both re-invested in a myriad of different historical forms. If the connection between American art in the 80s and British art in the 90s was strong, then Mind the Gap sets out to explore the period of re-assessment and re-invention that is currently taking place on both sides of the Atlantic. Mind the Gap: London-Los Angeles Dialogues is followed the same evening by a second show of works from London and Los Angeles at Jaus, entitled Land Skipe, which runs from 6:30 to 9:30pm. 

Mind the Gap: Los Angeles-London dialogues curated by David Leapman

Artists in the Show: Marie D'Elbée, David French, Hanz Hancock, Alexis Harding, Vincent Hawkins, Erin Lawlor, David Leapman, Patrick Morrissey, Katie Pratt, Max Presneill, Christopher Rawcliffe, Sarah Sparkes, Johnny J.J. Winter.


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