Samantha Lyn Aasen: Mom

Artist Statement

Historically my work has been about the shifting boundary between girlhood and womanhood, reflecting on my adolescence and myself as I entered adulthood. I’m no longer “entering” adulthood. I am in my 30s, have a 401k, own a house, and am now a mother. As I begin this new season of life, I am confronting the challenge of how I navigate the line between “artist” and “mother.” To practice my artist’s voice, I am documenting this journey. I plan to show myself, my son, struggle, joy, and intimate, vulnerable moments. 

This series continues my dissection of femininity, pop culture, and sexuality as seen in Vajazzles, Sparkle Baby, and Cam Fam. I see the new body of work in photographs, videos, and maybe fiber objects. The exploration will start with my own lived experience as a parent, but I feel this project will grow to touch on the balance I see in my intimate and extended family. 

Support for this upcoming work will be highly beneficial to allow for time. Not only am I balancing being an artist and a mother, but I also hold a full-time day job and serve as an Adjunct Professor at Phoenix College. 



Samantha Lyn Aasen is an artist adapting to the southwest, as she holds on to her Midwestern mentalities. Her suburban upbringing has her questioning female relationships and societal standards on sexuality. Samantha identifies herself as a feminist artist. She uses her art as an exploration of desire and repulsion embedded in girlhood and within American consumer culture. Samantha has had exhibitions in Indiana, Arizona, Illinois, Nebraska, Maryland, and the UK. She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography from Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University and a Studio Art MFA with an emphasis in Intermedia from Arizona State University. Recently she attended the Feminist Artist Conference Residency in Toronto, Canada. Currently she teaches at Phoenix College and volunteers with Girls Rock! Phoenix.

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