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Mike Stack: Overrules


Artist Statement

Compositions on canvas and construction coexist and converse in the recent work of Mike Stack but this site-specific installation project would be his first custom environment for the Compass Forms. He will extend the dialogue between pieces by literally incorporating and transforming the space itself. He will create a unified, three-dimensional immersive setting, Overrules, with variously color-painted wall surfaces to augment, heighten, recast and rethink relationships between the recurring colors and hybrid shapes already populating the work. Following his established creative process to conceive, build, and paint his wood and metal constructions, no one like another, the Overrules room will contain the works in a unified presentation both aligned and entirely new.



The recent work of Mike Stack is born of experimentation at the thresholds of vision where our sight is caught in a compressed, competitive net of distraction and illusion. Shapes and forms are subjects flattened, folded, nostalgic, artificially organic, architectural, and teasingly animate.Stack’s reinventions concentrate and confront the economy of distraction to help us “see” the world left behind in the noise.


Deeply rooted in the artist’s long collaboration with color, here color itself distracts, reverses field, and creates secondary contexts. It expresses variation and is unapologetically choreographed. Color grids and color grinds. Stack’s palette references the whitewash of mineral-coated bottles in the shower or salt-encrusted plastic adrift at sea. It recalls plaster-prepared fresco walls ready to represent systems of belief to luminous white screens that host game-as-life simulations. He organizes and pushes oil paint into reaction, subverting market-tested contradiction and detachment to redraw our attention.


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