Lizzy Taber, To See the Change of Color, 2019, Installation of 100 mixed media paintings on panel.
Lizzy Taber, It All Exists Within and Beyond this Tiny Blue Marble, 2018, Mixed media on canvas and on gallery wall.
Lizzy Taber, Cartographer of the Unknown II, 2018, Mixed Media on Paper, 20 by 20 inches.
Lizzy Taber, Cartographer of the Unknown I, 2018, Mixed Media on Paper, 20 by 20 inches.
Lizzy Taber, The Earth Speaks to Us in the Grammar of Science, 2020, Installation of 120 Mixed Media Paintings on Panel.
Lizzy Taber, Uncharted Waters, 2020, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36 by 36 inches
Lizzy Taber, Gradients; Rising Tides. 2020, Installation of 10 Acrylic paintings on panel.

Lizzy Taber

Lizzy Taber’s projects explore the relationships between art and science, with a current emphasis on marine ecology and seafloor mapping. Taber’s work has been shown at The Exploratorium, MIT Media Lab, the Phoenix Art Museum, and many other notable venues. In 2018 she participated in an artist residency with Schmidt Ocean Institute where she worked with scientists using multi-sonar mapping methods and with whom she presented her work at the Ocean Exploration Conference at MIT Media Lab. In addition she has also attended artist residencies in Croatia, Iceland and Hawaii, and is collaborating with the University of Miami on the Rescue a Reef program focused on coral reef restoration. 

Lizzy holds an MFA from Arizona State University and a BFA in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking with a minor in Art History from the University of North Florida.



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