Lily Reeves, Suncatcher Series, 2020, Mixed Media, size variable.
Lily Reeves, AURORA,2018, installation using mixed media.
NEVERENDING IN ALL DIRECTIONS // ON THIS PAGE THE MAP IS UNDONE, made in collaboration with Krista Davis, a.k.a. The Paradise Boys
Verisimilitude is a collaboration between Lily Reeves, Fumihiro Kikuchi and Sharon McCamon.
Lily Reeves, Bodies of Light, Performance at Grant Street Studios.
Lilly Reeves, Methods of Healing, Performance at the ASU Art Museum
Lily Reeves, Holding / Holding On, 2021, Neon and mixed media.

Lily Reeves

Lily Reeves’ sculptural work encourages emotional and physical well-being through a holistic lens of personal, societal, and environmental healing. She uses light, space, immersive installations, and audience-participatory performance as tools to address spiritual chasms within contemporary culture, working to spark wonder and openness in a world that is increasingly disenchanted. Her aesthetic language utilizes the uncanny and the supernatural. With her art practice, Reeves positions the audience as the performer, creating a space for viewers to undergo meaningful gestures that have an impactful, transformative effect on the psyche. These artistic rituals counteract the destructive practices that have wreaked havoc on the ecosystem, the individual and the collective consciousness.
Reeves earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University and her Masters of Fine Arts at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ, where she graduated in April 2018. Reeves’ public work is in the permanent collections of The University of Montevallo, Alfred University, and Salem Art Works, as well as private collections around the world.  



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