Kim Sweet, The Island Fisherman, 2021, Oil on canvas, 24 by 30 inches.
Kim Sweet, Unseen, 2021, Oil on canvas, 14 by 11 inches.
Kim Sweet, 2018, To Wake only to Dream, Oil on canvas, 30 by 24 inches.
Kim Sweet, The White Bird, 2021, Oil on canvas, 14 by 11 inches.
Kim Sweet, Distance, 2021, Oil on canvas, 30 by 23.5 inches.
Kim Sweet, Once Again, 2022, Oil on canvas, 14 by 11 inches.

Kim Sweet

Kim Sweet is currently based in Phoenix, AZ. She earned her BFA from RISD in painting, has been a member of the Phoenix artist collective The Eye Lounge Gallery, and was selected to be a participant in the Anderson Ranch Advanced Mentoring Program in Snowmass, CO. Principally a painter, Sweet's work wants you to connect with a sense of remembrance and the poignancy of a singular moment in one and the same image. Her paintings are not intended to be representational in the truest sense; instead, they are a way to contend with the image as an echo of the memory of a moment. The archetypal content often found in her work, like the swan, the crow, and the bull, imply a multitude of different meanings depending on the cultural lens through which it is examined. The allusions function as proxies for the allegories of the self and are meant to touch on the underpinnings of the collective unconscious without ever being wholly reducible to them.



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