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Estephania González: Chalchiuhtlicue


Artist Statement

Chalchiuhtlicue is a body of work that explores concepts of water and rain in the desert through the lens of the Mesoamerican Mexica Goddess, Chalchiuhtlicue, she represents bodies of water and is the feminine counterpart to Tlaloc, the god of rain, thunder, and lightning. This multimedia installation will be installed in a form of a day of the dead alter that will include a non-narrative standalone video that explores concepts of water and rain in response to the water crisis in Arizona. This main video artwork will be used as inspiration to create artworks to accompany the video alongside the alter installation and they are as follows: an audio soundtrack to accompany the body of work in the space, 3 hand embroidered works that pull from the Mexican Otomi embroidery style( that uses a herringbone stitch), 3 watercolors in the style of retablos telling the story of the water crisis in AZ, and an additional water installation
with video projected onto the surface that sits on the floor, in front of the water alter.



Estephania González is a Arizona-based multimedia artist from the Midwest. Using video, animation, installation, and performance, she explores concepts of spacetime, cosmologies and identity. González explores the complexities of identity politics and their relation to the physical and psychological borderlands. This concept is the foundation for much of her work from which she creates new narratives that reflect upon and take into consideration a contemporaryunderstanding of the human condition through her lens as a Latinx woman living in the United States. She is inspired by physics theories, Mexica cosmologies and how these two intersect with personal identity. Using the cosmos to reflect on the microcosm, González’s work aims at sharing visual narratives to better understand each other in a time where harsh realities plague our species and our planet. She has done performance artworks in Mexico, Iowa, Arizona, and Chile and her works have been shown at the UNI Gallery of Art, Step Gallery, and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. González received her MFA in Intermedia Art from Arizona State University. She received a BFA in Performance Art and BA in Art History from the University of Northern Iowa. She has been a resident at Guapamacataro, Michoacan Mexico, and La Wayaka Current in the Atacama Desert in Chile.


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