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Bill Dambrova: New Works


Artist Statement

Using painting techniques and processes my intention is to "tune people in" to their physical existence, i.e., their bodies as a colony of sorts, made up of many biological and spiritual aspects that can be acesses and tapped into using visual inward imagery. I plan to make 3-D objects for this exhibition too, including a handmade sculpture in the center of the space with video mapping that projects onto many surfaces and also includes a sound element. I am feeling compelling to make 3D versions of my current 2D work by pushing my ides using the latest technology and collaborating with experts in their field in order to open new pathways and create new connectiosn and new opportunities. 



Bill Dambrova is a native Arizonan and ASU graduate with a BA in Studio Art. Based in Phoenix and working from his art studio in the Bragg’s Pie Factory Building downtown, Dambrova has been focusing on his art practice as well as designing exhibitions for well-known museums, zoos and aquariums across the country. His most recent project was with the Monterey Bay Aquarium where he designed elements for an exhibition about creatures from the deepest parts of the oceans. Many of these projects tackle conservation issues and convey current thinking about our relationships with all living beings. These concepts and ideas inevitably make their way into his paintings Bill uses the process of painting to visually explore our biological and metaphysical relationship with plants, animals, the cosmos, and each other.

Bill has shown artwork in local as well as national galleries and museums, and has created site specific art installations at locations including: Valley Metro Rail, Burning Man, East Jesus, and Meow Wolf. His work can be found in the public collections of institutions such as The Tucson Museum of Art, ASU Art Museum, The City of Scottsdale, The State of New Mexico: Art in Public Places Program, DuPont, Kroger, The City of Tempe, and The Phoenix Suns Legacy Partners.

Bill designed a terrazzo floor based on imagery found in his paintings at the new recently opened Sky Harbor Airport Rental Car Return Train Station that you can visit using the Skytrain. 


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